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Submitting an Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD)

Before submitting your ETD

To begin your ETD submission, your thesis should be formatted according to Graduate College thesis requirements and approved by your department.

  • The thesis must be submitted as a single Portable Document Format (PDF) file.
  • Security settings should not be applied to the PDF file.
  • The PDF file should not contain embedded multimedia.
  • Do not include required supporting items for the deposit in the PDF file.
  • Verify/remove inaccurate metadata by opening the file in Adobe Reader and selecting "Properties" from the File menu. On the "Description" tab, verify that the title, author name, and so on are correct.

(Note: For a few tips on getting started with the PDF conversion process, please see our ETD FAQs or this short video on PDF conversion using MS Word 2003 and Adobe Acrobat Pro. Please note that neither the Thesis Office nor the Library will assist with the conversion of thesis files to PDF.)

In addition to the PDF file of your thesis, you will need:

  • If applicable, any supplemental appendix files (video, audio, data sets, etc.). (An appendix page with a brief description of the content of the supplemental file must be included in the main PDF file of the thesis. See the Graduate College thesis requirements for further information.)
  • A familiarity with the IDEALS deposit agreement.
  • A knowledge of your options regarding the release of your ETD into IDEALS.
  • The email address of your primary director of research (adviser).
  • The email address of your department's thesis format reviewer.
  • An active NetID or a temporary password. (If your NetID is no longer active, you will be able to create your own temporary password once you begin the submission process.)


Submitting your ETD

To create your ETD submission profile and submit your thesis to the Graduate College Thesis Office for review, click on the link below:


After you have submitted your thesis for review, you will receive a series of emails from the Graduate College Thesis Office that will notify you that we have received your ETD and alert you to any required corrections or other steps you will need to take to complete your thesis deposit. You may also check the status of our review of your ETD at any time by returning to your submission profile via the link provided above.


Completing the deposit of your ETD

Your thesis deposit is not complete until you have made all corrections requested by the Graduate College Thesis Office and have submitted all supporting items required for the deposit. All corrections and additional materials must be received in satisfactory condition by the Thesis Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day of the deposit deadline for your intended graduation period.