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Speaker: Kenneth Crews

Fall 2009 PhD Completion Project Speaker and CAS MillerComm 2009 Event

Who Owns Your Scholarship: Copyright, Publication Agreements, and Good Practice

Thursday, October 29, 2009
4:00 p.m.
Alice Campbell Alumni Center
601 S. Lincoln Ave

Kenneth Crews is director of the Copyright Office at Columbia University.

Issues related to copyright span the range of activities at the university from the creation of new scholarly works to the use of others' works in the classroom and research.  Copyright can be a baffling process today, and Professor Crews will help faculty and students better understand and manage their rights as authors while increasing the impact of their works by providing the greatest possible visibility and access.

Hosted by: Graduate College and University Library

In conjunction with: College of Law, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Office of Technology Management, Office of the Vice President for Technology and Economic Development

For more information about the PhD Completion Project, visit the Graduate College Web site at www.grad.illinois.edu/phdcompletion. For additional Center For Advanced Study / MillerComm events, go to http://cas.illinois.edu/home/.

image of Kenneth Crews