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Office of External Fellowships

Are you seeking funding for your graduate education?  If so, the Office of External Fellowships can help.  We provide services to help Illinois graduate students compete for external grants and fellowships.

Whereas “internal” awards are those offered by your department or the University, “external” awards are those national and international awards offered by private foundations, government agencies, and corporations. External funders include the National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, American Association of University Women, National Institutes of Health, Google, Fulbright, Social Science Research Council, and hundreds of others.

To help students pursue these awards, the Office of External Fellowships provides the following services. 

Fellowship Finder

Search our Fellowship Finder database to find a fellowship that’s right for you. Containing over 1,100 awards, Fellowship Finder is perhaps the most current and comprehensive database of graduate-level fellowships and grants in the country.


To learn the art of grantwriting, take one of our proposal-writing workshops.  Workshops offer an intensive “nuts and bolts” introduction to grant writing. See the current listing.

Proposal Advising

To get advice on your proposal draft, contact us about arranging a one-on-one review of your proposal.


For excellent online proposal-writing articles and guidebooks, visit our “Proposal Writing Resources” page.

We invite you to browse our online resources, find the fellowships that you'd like to pursue, learn the art of proposal writing and, hopefully, win an outstanding award.