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Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) Abstracts

Advisor Title Author Major College
Dr. Carla Cáceres Ecology of Urban Stormwater Ponds Xorla Ocloo Integrative Biology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Liang Yang Experimental Search for Dark Matter Willie Zuniga Physics Harvey Mudd College
Dr. Sandra L Rodriguez-Zas Bioinformatics Discovery of Gene Pathways Associated with Immune Response in the Brain Tania M. Borrás-Pacheco Biotechnology Universidad Del Este - Carolina
Dr. Rohit Bhargava Quantitative analysis of cellular traction forces under applied stretch over time Refractive Index of Subcellular Particles using Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy Susan Ojo Bioengineering University of Maryland
Dr. Taher Saif Quantitative analysis of cellular traction forces under applied stretch over time Stephanie Schramm Biological Engineering Purdue University
Dr. Gabriel Popescu Redox & Cell Growth: The relationship between mitochondrial redox and cell growth at different stages of disease Solomon McBride Biology Brandeis University
Dr. Rohit Bhargava Modifying gold nanoparticle surfaces with eptides to enhance localization to the nucleus of mcf10a cells Rumya Raghavan Bioengineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Joshua Gulley Differences in reward behavior between adolescent and adult rats Rebecca Sandoval Psychology San Jose State University
Dr. Jonathan Inda “They said if I didn’t join them, they would kill me”: U.S. immigration Policy, Gang Violence, and Unaccompanied Minors from the Northern Triangle Priscilla Cobian Sociology & Spanish Pitzer College
Dr. Jessie Shelton Determining gammaray variability from the m87 galaxy using thffermi large area telescope Mustafa Ibrahim Physics & Astronomy SUNY at Binghamton
Dr. Hong Chen Maternal High-Fat Diet Primes Differentially Methylated Regions Associated with Altered Inflammatory Signaling in Liver Melissa Morose Biological Sciences CUNY Queens College
Dr. Isabel Molina-Guzmán Let There Be Panza!: Representations of Fatness in The Panza Monologues and Real Women Have Curves Melissa Móntez Chicana/o-Latina/o & Feminist, Gender, & Sex Studies Scripps College
Dr. Martha U. Gillette Characterization of glial growth on silicon nitride microtube arrays Maura M. Slattery Biology & Chemistry Saint Xavier University, Chicago
Dr. Sandra Ruiz Open Wounds: Memory, Truth, and Reconciliation in Guatemalan Testimonio Lucy Carreño-Roca English Literature Bryn Mawr College
Dr. Manuel Hernandez The Effect of Walking on Cognitive Performance in Multiple Sclerosis: Insight into Compensatory Cortical Activation in MS Kharine Jean Psychology University of Georgia
Dr. Paul V. Braun Mechanical Properties of Biodegradable Porous Silicon/Biopolymer Composites for Transient Device Platforms Keaton Jaramillo Mechanical Engineering & Physics University of Arkansas
Dr. Cari Vanderpool Do E. coli cryptic prophages provide resistance to the host against infection by other phages? Karissa Jade Muñoz Molecular & Cellular Biology Claremont McKenna College
Dr. Gabriel Popescu The Role of Redox State in Single-Cell Growth Patterns John W. Smith Materials Science & Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Catherine J. Murphy Synuclein’s interaction with liposomes of fixed curvature Jennifer N. Lott Chemical Engineering Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Jennifer L. Davis Words, Wounds, and Indigenous Women: Poetic Survival Across the US-Mexico Border Itzel Delgado-González Spanish & Comparative Literature in English & Spanish Claremont McKenna College
Dr. Rachel Whitaker Novel CRISPR Spacer Acquisition Mediated by a Transcriptional Regulator Hector Orozco-Mercado Spanish & Biological Sciences Universidad del Este - Carolina
Dr. Jian Peng Exploring contextual profile for protein sequence analysis Gejae Jeffers Spanish & Computer Science University of the Virgin Islands
Dr. Silvina Montrul Expression of Accusative and Dative Clitics in Bilingual Children Ernesto Gutiérrez Topete Spanish & French Pomona College
Dr. SungWoo Nam Textured graphene-based strain sensor, for tracking human body movements Ernesto Garcia University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Marta Hatzell Effect of graft density of thermoresponsive polymer brushes on bulk conductivity Emily Thai Materials Science & Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Rashid Bashir PDMS based Microfluidic Devices for Cell Capture David Alexander Biology Valdosta State University
Dr. Lissette Piedra La Linea: A helpline for Latino Immigrants in Champaign County, Illinois Cristina Chávez Psychology Northeastern Illinois University
Dr. Wawrzyniec Dobrucki Dual-Modality PET/CT Imaging of RAGE to Identify Prostate Cancer Craig Mizzoni Biomedical Engineering Wenworth Institute of Technology
Dr. Stephen Boppart Laser scanning and imaging system for determination of label-free biomarkers in the breast tumor micro- and macro-environment Casey Troccoli Engineering Physics & Optical Engineering Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Dr. Michael F. Insana Testing the Efficacy of the Microsoft Kinect for Object Tracking and Recognition for Elastography Applications Carlos Renteria Biomedical Engineering Arizona State University
Dr. Rakesh Mohan Bhatt “Por Dios, Speak Spanish!:” Reconciling Linguistic Ideologies and Practice in ¿Que Pasa, U.S.A? Camila Velasquez Anthropology Kenyon College
Dr. James D. Anderson Factors Contributing to African American Male Persistence in Higher Education Brandon Boston Communications University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Assata Zerai East African Water and Sanitation Inequities: Activism for Maternal and Child Health Arianna M. Jenkins Psychology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Alison Bell Brain gene expression of Alzheimer’s disease-related genes in sticklebacks Ali Norwood Psychology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Rashid Bashir Computational modeling of biological machines Aaron Jankelow Biochemical Engineering Missouri University of Science and Technology