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Assistantship Clearinghouse

The Assistantship Clearinghouse lists assistantships available to graduate students at the University of Illinois. Please note that most assistantships are awarded by academic departments directly to their own students. This clearinghouse lists positions for which departments or other campus units seek additional applicants. Because posting change, please check frequently.

Units wishing to post available assistantships may use the online form.

Post an Assistantship


Teaching assistants Department of Finance

Finance Department, College of Business Teaching Assistantship – 25%-50% (10-20 hours)

The Finance Department seeks candidates for the following positions:50% TA for graduate level financial economics course (Finance 501) taught to graduate students in Finance. TA is expected to lead weekly discussion section, conduct office hours and assist with grading assignments, projects and...

Grad RA: Programming in C, C++ and CUDA C

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Research Assistantship – 50%

The project is funded by the Illinois Center for Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide.   The RA will assist Prof. A.J. Valocchi and Postdoc Yu Chen in converting an existing Fortran MPI code to solve multiphase flow (based on the lattice Boltzmann method) to C or C++ code, and then...