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You must list in your online application each institution of post-secondary education from which you have earned credit. You must also submit your transcript / academic record (and diplomas or certificates of degrees if your degree is awarded and not listed on your transcript) for each of these institutions.

Unofficial Academic Credentials

Transcripts / academic records (and diplomas or certificates of degrees if your degree is awarded and not listed on your transcript) must be uploaded directly to the online application. English translations should also be uploaded if the credentials are not in English.

Official Academic Credentials

All credentials uploaded to the online application are considered unofficial. You will only be asked to submit official or attested credentials (transcripts, academic records, diplomas, certificates of degrees, etc) in a sealed envelope, with a certification stamp across the seal if you are admitted. These must be submitted during your first term of enrollment at the University of Illinois.

The University of Illinois reserves the right to require the submission of official credentials at any time during the admission review process.

IMPORTANT: Some academic programs may require you to submit official academic credentials at the time of application. You MUST contact your program of study office to see if they require this additional documentation for admission review.

Instructions for Uploading your Academic Credentials

You are required to upload a copy of your unofficial academic credentials prior to submitting your online application. English translations should be included if the credentials are not in English.


Non-legible scans will not be accepted. Please refer to the details below before proceeding:


Please do not mail or fax in a copy of the credentials which you have uploaded to your online application. Instead, use only the upload feature of our online application at this point. This saves you the time, effort, and expense of mailing transcripts to us during the initial processing and review of your application. It also avoids any delays resulting from the non-receipt of transcripts and assures you that your documents have been successfully submitted, since you can view them yourself online.


Only if you are recommended for admission will you need to provide official credentials (sent to us by mail directly from the institution). Your offer of admission will be contingent upon the receipt and verification of these official documents which must show the award of degrees. Please do not send these official records until we request them from you.


Below are some suggestions on how to proceed with uploading a transcript:


·         Please obtain an electronic version of your unofficial transcript / academic record (and diplomas or certificates of degrees if your degree is awarded and not listed on your transcript) or scan a copy of the document you may already have and that is current, at the lowest resolution that results in a legible document (we recommend to use under 200 dpi whenever possible).


·         You may upload an institutional web based transcript / academic record as long as the institution has put your name on the transcript/record.


·         You must ensure that your name, the institution name and other identifying marks are not missed during the scanning process and that your scanned copy is clearly legible and can print on letter size paper - 8.5 by 11 in (21.5 by 30 cm)


·         Please include a copy of the transcript legend or university key (back page in most cases) for each institution.


·         All credentials to be uploaded for each institution (transcripts and diplomas/certificates) must be uploaded in one file per institution listed.


·         Please be certain that your document is saved as a PDF file or Word document, and that its size does not exceed 4MB. Scanning in “gray scale” or black and white may produce the best results.


·         If the scanned file is too large you may want to make a photocopy first (experiment with different settings until you find one that results in the smallest file size) then scan the photocopy.


·         Once you have uploaded the document into the online application, you will be able to click the “view document” button to verify whether the uploaded document is legible. If it is not legible, try again. (NOTE: The system automatically converts your uploaded document into a standard PDF file.)


The University of Illinois reserves the right to require official academic credentials at any time during the admissions process, and rescind any offer of admission made if discrepancies between unofficial and official transcript(s) are found.


For information about transcripts for domestic applicants, visit www.grad.illinois.edu/admissions/instructions/03.